Flavorful Walking Tours

Inspiration started in 2009 while on food tour to a city that will remain "unamed" (we aren't here to offend). The tour, although fun with a solid guide, was not everything it could have been.  It needed a more intimate approach. The food needs to be local, guides also local, less people in the group mixed with a cultural and historical angle. Soon enough, the concept of "Flavorful Walking Tours" was born. Not just "flavorful" in taste but in culture and spirit. In 2013, Your City Bites - Spokane was re-branded Relish! and taken over by the ROW Adventure Center - the region's leader in outdoor activities.

What's a Tour Like?

Imagine the best dream you have every had. Got it in your mind?  It's more-than-likely nothing like your dream. But, it will be the best city tour you've ever experienced!

Aside from the delicious local food and wine in Spokane, you will learn about the town's culture, people, architecture and history.  The ultimate desire is for guests to leave our tour with a solid understanding of the place, confident that one day they could return and give their own tour to friends or family. If we do this, we've succeeded. If you are on vacation, we suggest taking the tour at the beginning of your trip. This will give you time to return and enjoy a building, park or other location that interested you during the tour.

Our tour leaders are energetic, local and excited to share their love for the town. It will take you roughly two hours to finish your tour, but once completed, you'll want to put our guides in your back pocket for the rest of your trip.

In the end, it doesn't really make sense to go on another walking tour, bus tour, or city tour of Spokane...our food and wine tours are just as informative, they immerse you in the local culture and fill your tummy!...all for probably around the same price.