Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? Can I pay cash?

Tickets must be purchased in advance, sorry...it's just too deliciously popular! Tickets can only be purchased online here. Cash is not accepted.

If a food tour is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?

Sorry, we don't have a waiting list.  We keep our tours at an intimate level: just 10 people per tour (unless it's a custom/private trip).

How much food is served on the food tour?

You'll receive a small portion of food at 6 to 8 stops. You'll be walking, eating, learning and taking in the cultural, historical and architectural beauty of the city. For most, the food will be enough for lunch but it is not intended to take place of lunch or dinner.

How much walking is involved? Is it a fast-paced tour?

Plan on a 1.5-2 mile walk on most tours and either standing while eating, listening to the guide or walking for 2-2.5 hours. We move at a moderate pace but there are plenty of opportunities for rest.  Feel free to let your guide know if you are getting tired or thirsty on hot days.

Does your guide accept gratuities?

Yes, but it's not obligatory and they should earn them. Usually, our guides are tipped between 10% and 20%...so 4 to 8 dollars per person.

What if I have allergies?

When you buy your tickets online, there is a place to let us know about any allergies.  The establishments we work with give us a sampling of what they have to offer and we ask that if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions to choose what you can and cannot eat accordingly.

Can I shop during the tour?

Sure!...but we might leave you behind. Jokes aside, we ask that you please wait to shop until after the tour. The tours are on a schedule to arrive at each tasting location so its important to stay on schedule so the food is freshly prepared for our guests.

When is the best time to take the tour?

Many call and ask this question. We suggest taking the tour at the beginning of your stay.  You'll learn about the culture and people, a little history and taste some delicious food.  This overview at the beginning of your visit will help you appreciate the city more and return to eat a full course meal at one of our locations.

What about taking children on the tour?

We invite children and the ticket prices are discounted for kids 11 and younger.  However, please be sure your kids are able to not get too distracted by the sights and sounds of a city. This is for their protection and ours. We also understand the limited attention span young ones have.  Please keep this in mind as the tour is 2.5 to 3 hours of standing and walking.

Is the tour wheelchair and baby stroller accessible?

All of our tours are wheelchair and baby stroller friendly and accessible.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes! We have an easy gift voucher system. Please visit our Gift Certificate page to order online.

Can I book a private group tour?

Yes, private tours (charters) are available. The easiest way to set it up is to visit our Private Tour Page and fill out a form or just give us a call!

Are there vegetarian options on the tour?

So sorry! What we get served is what we get!  We are grateful to the local establishments who provide food for our tour.  We cannot accommodate every food tolerance. Don't worry, we still love you even though the food doesn't!

Are any beverages served on the tour?

Yes, all of our tours have at least one drink tasting included in the tour but it is limited and typically at the beginning of the tour.  Your guide will carry water bottles if you ever need it.

Does the tour end at the same place we meet?

Typically not the exact same location but close (within a few blocks).  Your guide will be there to help you get back to the starting location or give directions on where you want to go next.

Is wine tasting included on the tour?

Unless one of our stops has something special going on, or they would like to pair a food tasting with wine (sometimes we get surprised), we do not plan on wine tastings being part of the tour.  If you are interested, we do have a wine tour!

What types of foods are served on the tour?

We try to go local! There will be a variety of stops and we try to create a progressive style tour. For a better idea of what types of eateries we will visit, see the list of the food tasting locations on our food tour information page.

Do we only walk around and sample food?

No. Bottom line is, this is the best city tour available of Spokane, WA!  Is there a lot of walking and food eating? Of course, but it's so much more than that! You get special, local insight on the history, people and culture.  If you are local and are on the tour, you'll find yourself saying, "I've lived here my whole life and I didn't know that!" or "I can't believe this place is here, never even heard of it...it's delicious." If you are a visitor, you'll leave our tour full of local insight and an appreciation for the city.

What restaurants will we visit on the tour?

A list of all the current tasting locations can be found on our food tour information page under the Spokane Tours tab.

Are tours offered only in English?

Yes.  But if you have your own translator, they can come along for free!  We would just need to know to give a heads-up to the others in the tour.

What happens if it rains or snows?

Typically, we do not stop for rain or snow.  There will be occasions where the weather is just too nasty for both the guide and the guest, and we will call to cancel in this case.

If I am bringing an infant/very young child, do I need to purchase a ticket for them?

If they aren't adding to our food order, no.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes, bathrooms are available during the tour at selected food-tasting locations

Are cameras allowed on the tour?

Yes. Please take photos and videos...and please share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts.

Is there parking near the tour meeting point?

Yes, there is parking near all of our meeting points.  Some locations have public, free parking, while others have metered and private parking.